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NO Days Mosaic Mesh - 12"x48" Roll


NO Days Mosaic Mesh is designed to simplify the process of building large or small scale mosaics by providing you a quick cure solution to mesh at the same time providing easy re-work of tesserae (tiles) if necessary. Cure large sections, small sections or entire mosaics all at once securing your design to the mosaic mesh substrate. Your mosaic bonded to the mesh substrate can be easily transported or mounted vertically/horizontally with ease.

NO Days Mosaic Mesh is the ideal solution for commercial designers and hobbyists! It is strong, ease-to-use, not messy and flexible all wrapped up in one powerful and convenient product. NO Days Mosaic Mesh is a unique fiberglass mesh matrix coated with proprietary NO Days Mosaic Adhesive specifically designed to provide professionals and hobbyists more flexibility with the design of their tesserae, as well as allow them the capability of transporting their mosaics without worry about pieces shifting.
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More Information:

Bonding Tesserae to Mesh Has Never Been So Easy!  Heat it... Grout it... Mount it...

  • Allows mosaics to be easily transported or mounted vertically before or after grouting
  • Designed for both interior or exterior mosaic application
  • Cure large areas or entire mosaic at once
  • Easily re-work the location or the removal of glass or tile pieces if necessary
  • Allows you to build on horizontal plane and mount vertical
  • Bond glass or tiles to mesh substrate using a standard heat gun or NO Days Universal Curing Station
  • Non-Toxic, No Fume Byproduct

Save Cure Time and Add Strength

Simply lay down your glass or tiles on top of the dry-to-the-touch mosaic mesh surface.  Heat tesserae using a standard heat gun or NO Days Universal Curing Station and allow to briefly cool to fully cure.  That's It!  Your tesserae is now bonded to the mesh substrate and can be immediately grouted, transported or mounted vertically.

NO Days Mosaic Mesh General Overview

  1. Plan your design using a photograph, original art or free form
  2. Trace your pattern using a felt tip pen directly onto the mesh.  You can see your pattern through the mesh.
  3. Place your tesserae directly onto the mesh following your design.
  4. Apply Heat (see heating methods below).
  5. Allow your work to cool and to cure.
  6. Transport or mount your masterpiece!

Heating Options

Heat Gun: Use a heat gun to heat sections or your entire mosaic at once. More details...

Household Oven: Place your mosaic in your household oven for 10 minutes at approximately 220F. Heat will activate adhesive film. Remove from oven to allow adhesive to fully cure. Ensure that your substrate can withstand the these temperatures before heating. Our eco-friendly MDF shapes work great with the film!

Setup: With both methods, adhesive film must be placed in between glass/tiles and substrate base.

Note: Heating times may vary depending on your heating tool, glass or tile thickness and total area of your mosaic. We recommend testing a small test piece first to familiarize yourself with the optimal heating technique and setup.

Mounting Your Mesh Mosaic (open cell design)

NO Days Mosaic Mesh is manufactured with an open cell design.  This means that the NO Days Mosaic Adhesive is only coated onto the fiberglass matrix itself leaving the cell of the fiberglass matrix open.  The open cell design of NO Days Mosaic Mesh will allow common bonding products to attached to the mesh, glass or tiles assisting in the bond when mounting the entire mosaic vertically or horizontally.

NO Days Mosaic Mesh can be easily mounted to a variety of indoor or outdoor surfaces using existing bonding products.  Once your glass or tile mosaic is bonded to the mesh substrate, mount your mosaic horizontally or vertically using ThinSet, Pre-Mixed Mortar, Cement or Mastic.

Re-Working after Curing with NO Days Mosaic is No Problem!

A unique characteristic of NO Days Mosaic Mesh is in it's ability to be easily re-worked unlike other tradtional liquid or cement adhesives.  Once you heat and cure glass or tiles to the mesh, it can be easily re-worked by simply re-heating.  No more having to "break your bond" after curing and risk damaging your glass/tile or substrates you are working with in the process.  NO Days Mosaic Mesh cannot be re-activated by indoor or outdoor temperatures due to its elevated phase-change temperature of 160F/71C (point at which it is heated and turns from a solid to a liquid).


There are no special grouts or grouting instructions required when using NO Days Mosaic Mesh. The strong bond provided by the mosaic adhesive film prevents glass and tile movement when grouting.

Outdoor Application

NO Days Mosaic Mesh was designed with outdoor weather conditions in mind. The elevated phase-change temperature (point at which it is heated and changes from a solid to a liquid) is 160F/71C. This elevated phase-change temperature is high enough where it cannot be reactivated by outdoor weather conditions. But low enough to be quickly heated by a heating device when applied.

Do not use with PollyTile, Plastic Bits or other tesserae that cannot withstand heat.

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